How can I view reports listings that I have tape-recorded?

How can I view reports listings that I have tape-recorded?

You can find members you might have given notes and/or score to regarding the reports and listings listings under joints.

Best ways to edit a note or a rate?

While viewing a user’s visibility, merely find the five performers presented when you look at the bidirectional coordinating details prevent to update a note or a ranking. To be able to eliminate your rating click on the room prior to initial superstar.

Getting in touch with users

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How can I call another associate?

While viewing another member’s page, go through the content (envelope) icon shown below her shape pic. Get in your communication for the phrases field offered following touch forward.

Will most likely any one of our facts end up being exposed?

No. The message provided for the second affiliate will only have the username, your own communication and quick information advising them how exactly to respond. Find out all of our privacy policy even more resources.

We was given an email from another affiliate. How can I retort?

The most effective way is to stick to the back link furnished into the e-mail an individual gotten. Which will take you directly to their unique content. Don’t forget, unless the person who delivered the communication is actually a premium client, you have got to generally be a customer to answer.

Am I able to plan a communication making use of another system and then replicate and paste they to the information box?

How to ensure your message exhibits precisely after the individual checks out they, is design your own communication into the message container furnished. However, if you want to utilize another application (e.g. Microsoft Word) PLEASE DO NOT content and paste the text you really have equipped right into the message package, since this trigger problems with just how the communication is definitely showed once this has been transferred.

As an alternative, our recommendation is that one compose your information utilizing a plain article manager including Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac computer). Continue reading