‘young men’ for rent in Tokyo: gender, can be found and insecure youthful schedules

‘young men’ for rent in Tokyo: gender, can be found and insecure youthful schedules

Rob Gilhooly

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At a glance, First Dash simply a regular Tokyo bar. Users laugh and enjoy, their particular computer animated gossip competing with the boring beat of techno thumping through speakers hanging a place above dimmed, orange-tinted lighting fixtures.

As Soon As an individual penetrates, however, a row of eight fresh-faced young men that has formerly really been obtained round the bar table glued to their smartphones out of the blue increase their legs and in unison cry out a well-rehearsed welcoming: Irasshaimase!

The shopper a portly, going bald older man in a nondescript meet shuffles out to a stand followed by a slightly created adolescent lad, ruffled interlace in part protecting a furtive, floor-fixed stare.

Hes below for interviews and kenshu, says pub management Toshiyuki Matsuura, utilizing a Japanese phase for training that in daily parlance should do little bit of to boost any eyebrows.

At this juncture, but the stocky clients certainly is the instructor, while the trainee has been put through a strenuous day-long sample to see if he will do the task in front of you, are employed in which a lot of the various other staffers who’re referred to found in this an element of Shinjukus Ni-chome area as boys are already well-versed.

They are termed urisen in addition to their job is always to entertain First of all Dashs users, who will be about totally males.

Urisen to supply: Toshiyuki Matsuura try an administrator at the start splash in Shinjukus Ni-chome district. | ROB GILHOOLY

I presume of personally as some sort of hedonist Ill do just about anything in the event it makes me personally feel great, claims Hiroshi, a strong-jawed 18-year-old boy from Chiba who, at 187 centimeters tall in height, was obligated to stoop a little while he tends to make his or her ways over the flooring from the crowded club. Continue reading